Wildfires force cancellation of Updates

Smoky conditions have been observed all through SC today, leaving many folks wondering. Raging wildfires are currently burning in North Carolina, Tennessee, and South Carolina. Hazy conditions have already caused many issues, and will continue to do so, so therefore all volcano updates are cancelled for Tuesday November 15, 2016


San Andreas Fault: “Large Scale Movement”

June 21,2016: Scientists has now discovered “Large scale movement” on the San Andrea’s Fault in California. Scientist predict that using GPS instruments to detect this movement could help them predict the next big one. Scientists say, this is not a precursor to the big one within the next day or even 2 days and is caused by stress along the fault which has been building for years

JUNE 22, 2016: Scientists are now calling the movement on the San Andrea’s fault line “Significant”. This is caused by seismic stress will will ultimately be released in a large earthquake. This is definetley worrying news according to the weather channel.


Mount St Helens will remain at color code GREEN this evening after over 130 eearthqukes thus far have struck the region.


Beginning March 14, 2016, a number of small magnitude earthquakes have occurred beneath Mount St. Helens, at a depth between 2 and 7 km (1.2 to 4 miles). Over the last 8 weeks, there have been over 130 earthquakes formally located by the Pacific Northwest Seismic Network and many more earthquakes too small to be located. The earthquakes have low magnitudes of 0.5 or less; the largest a magnitude 1.3. Earthquake rates have been steadily increasing since March, reaching nearly 40 located earthquakes per week. These earthquakes are too small to be felt at the surface.

The earthquakes are volcano-tectonic in nature, indicative of a slip on a small fault. Such events are commonly seen in active hydrothermal and magmatic systems. The magma chamber is likely imparting its own stresses on the crust around and above it, as the system slowly recharges. The stress drives fluids through cracks, producing the small quakes. The current pattern of seismicity is similar to swarms seen at Mount St. Helens in 2013 and 2014; recharge swarms in the 1990s had much higher earthquake rates and energy release.

No anomalous gases, increases in ground inflation or shallow seismicity have been detected with this swarm, and there are no signs of an imminent eruption. As was observed at Mount St. Helens between 1987-2004, recharge can continue for many years beneath a volcano without an eruption.


Starting around 3:00 pm, a small sequence of Earthquakes began deep beneath pagan volcano. Then around 4:30 pm, a small volcanic tremor began being recorded on seismic networks. This tremor has been constant since then. the NMI government has raised the alert level to ADVISORY and the aviation color code to YELLOW